Search Engine Marketing

Drive more traffic to your website, capture customers that are looking for your services.

Initial ad campaign and tracking set-up

Begin your digital advertising campaign from a solid foundation

Clients have long asked me to provide a service where I construct their ad campaign without having to pay for ongoing support and management. Now I can offer that service.

I’ll teach you how to manage the basic components of your campaign so that you’ll be able to increase or decrease your ad spend to better manage your customer inflow. Furthermore I’ll show you how to interpret your results so that you can see how well your campaign is running.

Enjoy the ability to run ads on Google without having to worry about the overhead costs of campaign management. 

Ad Campaign Set-up

$480 / CampaignIncludes the following
  • Up to 3 ad groups
    Additional ad groups can be purchased for $120 / group
    Ad groups are group of common ads that together make up a single objective. An example of this could be an accounting agency, they offer many services but might use a single ad group to advertise taxation services and another ad group to advertise their bookkeeping service.
  • Copy writing
    The content of the ad is referred to as copy, I'll write the copy for the ads within each ad group. Having well thought out and written copy is important to attracting attention from your potential customers.
  • Keyword research
    The primary mechanism that determines whether or not your campaign bids on any given search is the keyword list. A properly researched keyword list is important in ensuring that you get the right customers at the right price.
  • Conversion tracking
    It's important to know when customers actually perform the action that you want them to perform, so we set-up trackers using Google analytics. This is the primary metric used to determine the profitability of your campaign.
  • Location targeting
    Every ad that you show outside of your catchment is wasted money, it's important to have the correct location targeting so that you only show ads to customers within your catchment.
  • User training
    I'll run you through the basics of how to manage your account, this will give you the ability to adjust your ad spend and review your conversions.

Ad Campaign Management

$240 / MonthIncludes the following
  • Monthly performance report
    Every month you will receive a performance report that outlines how the campaign has performed.
  • Keyword adjustments
    After your ad campaign has run for a while, we will be able to find keyowrds within your list that are underperforming. Underperforming keywords are pruned to ensure that your campaign runs efficiently.
  • Negative keyword list development
    Negative keywords are keywords that are attracting the wrong kind of customers, finding these keywords is an ongoing activity that frees up your ad spend for keywords that work.
  • AI optimisation
    I use an AI script to determine areas that can be improved, these adjustments are made periodically to improve the overall performance of the campaign.
  • Ongoing advice & support
    The longer that I work with a campaign, the more I can make recommendations about how to best gain results from the campaign. At every step of the process I am here to answer any questions that you might have.

Ad campaign management and optimisation

Optimise your ad campaign to maximise your results

The goal of ad campaign management is to increase the returns on every dollar spent using insights derived from the campaign.

There are a range of activities which can improve the performance of your ad campaign. Some of the problems that slow down your campaign can be easy to find and correct, but some are more subtle and require more in-depth analysis.

I use an AI script to better analyse the data which helps me find these problems and solve them. Using an AI script also helps search for efficiencies and exploit them. 

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