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Looking to get your business online? I’m a web developer focused on helping businesses get online quickly and without hassle.

Web design & development packages to suit every business & every budget

I offer inclusive packages that are designed to provide a simple and cost-effective solution

I’ve worked hard to ensure that I can provide a website package for every budget while still maintaining a strong product at every price point. I’ve worked with many clients and the main thing that I have learnt is that every client is different, some need a very simple and quick website while others are looking for something more comprehensive.

Whichever package you select though, I’ll build you an attractive and engaging website solution that provides your business with great visibility online.

Choose Your Package
  • Requires Swan Hosting Account
    The budget basic package requires you to use the DIY website builder on Swan Hosting.
  • Web Pages
    This is the number of web pages included in the package.
  • Contact Form & Google Maps
    Includes contact forms that can be used to easily contact your business through an automatically generated email. Also includes an integrated Google map so that your customers can get directions to your business from your website.
  • Google My Business
    The "Google My Business" program is how businesses get recognised by Google as a legitimate entity. I will setup your account for you, that way it'll be even easier for your customers to find you.
  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is an advanced tracking tool that will help monitor the traffic on your website and the behaviour of your users.
  • CMS Access
    You will have access to the CMS(content management system) that I install onto your website, this lets you make changes to your website as you see fit. If you do ever make a catasrophic mistake, I will be able to fix it for you.
  • Custom Design
    The design of the website is customised around your needs, you give me the idea of what you're looking for and I'll build it. Throughout the process you'll have the opportunity to give input as to what you do and don't like, until finally we arrive at the design that is perfect for you.
  • Front Page Slideshow
    A slideshow on the front page of your website is an impactful design feature that can really help draw customers into your website.
  • Wordfence Security Plugin
    I will install and set up the Wordfence security plugin to help keep your website protected from various cyber threats such as hackers and DDOS attacks.
  • Dynamic Blog & Photo Gallery
    Blogs are an effective tool for updateable content such as a news section. Photo galleries can be used to display your latest work. Both of these will be designed around your needs and I will build a template that makes it easy to update.
  • Content Writing
    Rather than provide me with all of the written content on your website, I will write it for you. Depending on what your product/service is will dictate how much I write about the topic, as some products have a lot that can be talked about but others less so. As a general rule of thumb though I will write a minimum of a paragraph for each page. *This does not include product blurbs for the E-Commerce package*
  • Website Training
    In our final meeting I will run you through how to use the various tools on your website. The training typically takes between 1-2 hours.
  • E-Commerce & Payment System
    The website can be setup to handle a variety of potential E-Commerce functions, such as an online store, a booking system, a subscription service and so on. The website will also be built to integrate a payment system (e.g. stripe).

Budget Basic

$350Plus hosting costs*
  • 1 Web Page
  • Limited customisation
    For the budget basic package I begin by using a template and make changes to suit your needs, from there I'll make changes according to your feedback.
  • Limited content writing
    For budget basic websites, I'll write some basic content such as headlines, taglines and some basic information. You'll have enough written so that you can launch your new websites ASAP without having to come up with additional written content.


  • 6 Web Pages
Best Value


  • 12 Web Pages


  • 18 Web Pages

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